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Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I'd like to share examples of my work experience in digital marketing.

By not having access to all the platforms and reporting that these examples came from, I'm limited in what I can show. In any case, I will be showing and explaining what went into each of these examples with what data I have available to me.

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Few of the Clients I have Worked With

  • Paul Mitchell The School - Education
  • Shamrock Plumbing - B2C & B2B
  • Lunatic Fringe Salon's - B2C
  • Burg Pediatric Dentistry - B2C
  • Nuvi - SaaS
  • Work Market - SaaS
  • Salesfusion - Saas
  • Landesk - Saas

SalesFusion Content Strategy

Company: Salesfusion - Marketing Automation Platform specializing in Email marketing.

KPI's (Key Performance Indicators): Increase in organic traffic and gain organic keywords.

Strategy: I was able to see they had already built out a large content library with ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, and blogs. I didn't want to just add to the library with what they were already producing, so after my research, I found creating marketing templates would make a large impact as marketers were their main audience.


The campaign consisted of building individual web pages where these marketing templates could be downloaded behind a form. These pages were then organized into categories which built it into the template library.

See the template library here:

Here is an example of one of the templates I created for the best practice for Landing Page optimization. Click here to see the template.


Below are the results for organic traffic and keyword increases. We began the campaign in June and started seeing great results and increases in both traffic and new keywords.

Below is a report outlining the total keywords that were generated through building these templates. We were able to generate over 120 new keywords. This also lists the top 4 that have brought the most traffic to the site, along with their rankings and search volume.


Complete Currency Trader Landing Page Optimization

Company: Complete Currency Trader - Forex trading company that offers and provides training on how to trade in the Forex market.

KPI's: Increase sales in training courses.

Strategy: We produced an ebook for their audience to download and ran ads to this landing page to capture contact information. They were then put into their email marketing and retargeting ad campaigns where they were shown an introductory Forex training course.


I built this landing page to house the ebook on and this shows above the fold before the changes. This page had a 0.25% conversion rate.

This was the page before the edits.

Through a/b testing I built a variant to test and changed the form to be higher up on the page above the fold. See the changes below. This ended with a 3.97% conversion rate. By moving the form up higher above the fold and adjusting some content to be more readable helped conversions go up.

Click the image to see the page.

Click the image to see the page.


Nuvi Social Media Video

Company: Nuvi - Social Media monitoring platform.

KPI: This video was to help build trust and be the authority in their space.

Outcome: We wanted to produce a number of social media tip videos. I wrote the scripts for this particular video below and did all the setup and filming of the video.


Work Market Explainer Video

Company: Work Market - A workforce platform for freelancers to search and find contracted jobs.

KPI: 2016 Workforce Productivity Report - Create an explainer video for social media that was under 2 min.

Outcome: While creating this video, I had to take a long power point presentation and condense the material down to fit into a short explanation video that was less than one minute long.

Companies I worked with while at Oozle Media

Rapid Restoration Organic Traffic Increase Case Study:

Burg Pediatrics Social Media Contest Case Study:

Unique Auto body Organic Traffic Increase Case Study:

Other Content I Have Created

Unique Auto Body: Infographic and blog post -

Energy Savings Blog:

Recent Events Blog:

Home Page Copy for Website:


Websites I have Built Using Squarspace

Kyle Johnson Photography:

Rely Solar:

Brows By Whitney:


I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact Kyle via with any questions regarding the work examples I have shared.

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